Facebook Perfect for Baby Boomers, Even if Looking for Realtor!

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This is actually a second part to my musings about Sir Paul McCartney and his visionary (in my opinion) song, “When I’m 64”.  I am also a Baby Boomer and Realtor in Ft. Myers whose business is seeing more and more of my Baby Boomer contacts looking at property on the sunny coast of Florida.  They are using Facebook to search.

The lyrics I am referring to:

“drop me a line,Paul Mccartney 1
stating point of view.
Indicate precisely what you mean to say.
Yours sincerely wasting away.

Give me your answer,
fill in a form, –
mine for ever more.”

Facebook has become a media giant and fits perfectly into the Boomer lifestyle.  Facebook was originally designed as a way for college students to stay in touch.  As they graduated, they continued to stay in touch.  Later, it became a search tool for finding friends, neighbors and classmates that one lost touch with over the years.  More recently, business owners started networking with clients and prospects through this giant “Social” network.

Facebook is perfect for Baby Boomers.  It is very user friendly and easy to learn.  Baby Boomers now have time to search for old friends and school mates to wonder what became of them.  As they begin to migrate to sunny, Fort Myers, it is a way to stay in touch with family and the “old” neighborhood.  It is also a tool to find a Realtor who understands their new lifestyle needs.

Was my analogy a stretch?  Probably, but I feel the need to address my Baby Boomer peers.  If Sir Paul’s song brings joy and comfort to you, then stay in touch for more articles for Baby Boomers and the mass exodus that is being predicted.  Fort Myers is the perfect place “When I’m 64”!

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Was Paul McCartney Predicting the Future of Baby Boomers?

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The other night I was listening to an “Oldies” station while doing more research on the group of which I am an integral part…Baby Boomers.  The song, “When I’m 64” by Sir Paul McCartney, was written and recorded by a very famous Baby Boomer who turned 64 a few years ago.  Did Sir McCartney know where our future was going when this song was recorded in 1966 on the Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album?

Lyrics (found at http://www.lyricsandsongs.com/song/179404.html):sargent pepper

“I could be handy
mending a fuse,
when your lights are gone.
You can knit a sweater by the fireside.
Sunday mornings go for a ride.

Doing the garden,
digging the weeds,
who could ask for more?”

Baby Boomers, a group I am part of, are hands-on people.  Many have had many ups and downs in their career and home life.  They are not afraid of doing repair and remodeling work to their homes.  Several of the Baby Boomer clients I am working with now are looking for “fixer-uppers” and plan on doing a lot of the work themselves.  They also are planning on a more simple life with their weekend trips or tending to their yards and gardens.  Yard space is on the top of their lists for a home feature.  We also spend time discussing where shopping and local attractions are located in relation to their search.

Another prediction of the future of Boomers are the lines:

“Every summer we can rent a cottage in the isle of Wight
if it’s not too dear.
we shall scrimp and save”

Many of these same Boomers are looking now to take advantage of the prices in SW Florida and using the house as a second or vacation home until retirement.  The Boomer generation was trained by their parents to save for their future.  For many, that future was a second home to relax and unwind.  Eventually, becoming their retirement residence.

Maybe I’m pushing the limits on the meaning of this lyrical song by one of my favorite performers!  Maybe not.  I want to believe Sir Paul, one of the most famous Baby Boomers, knew where we were heading.  If you think this is a stretch, wait till you read how I feel this song was foretelling the future of Baby Boomers and Facebook!

Mike Cathell

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