Facebook Perfect for Baby Boomers, Even if Looking for Realtor!

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This is actually a second part to my musings about Sir Paul McCartney and his visionary (in my opinion) song, “When I’m 64”.  I am also a Baby Boomer and Realtor in Ft. Myers whose business is seeing more and more of my Baby Boomer contacts looking at property on the sunny coast of Florida.  They are using Facebook to search.

The lyrics I am referring to:

“drop me a line,Paul Mccartney 1
stating point of view.
Indicate precisely what you mean to say.
Yours sincerely wasting away.

Give me your answer,
fill in a form, –
mine for ever more.”

Facebook has become a media giant and fits perfectly into the Boomer lifestyle.  Facebook was originally designed as a way for college students to stay in touch.  As they graduated, they continued to stay in touch.  Later, it became a search tool for finding friends, neighbors and classmates that one lost touch with over the years.  More recently, business owners started networking with clients and prospects through this giant “Social” network.

Facebook is perfect for Baby Boomers.  It is very user friendly and easy to learn.  Baby Boomers now have time to search for old friends and school mates to wonder what became of them.  As they begin to migrate to sunny, Fort Myers, it is a way to stay in touch with family and the “old” neighborhood.  It is also a tool to find a Realtor who understands their new lifestyle needs.

Was my analogy a stretch?  Probably, but I feel the need to address my Baby Boomer peers.  If Sir Paul’s song brings joy and comfort to you, then stay in touch for more articles for Baby Boomers and the mass exodus that is being predicted.  Fort Myers is the perfect place “When I’m 64”!

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Who’s Your Buyer? Florida Properties Kicking Butt!

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Unless you live in a cave, every national newspaper, TV News station and national magazines are talking about the depression in Florida.  I want them to keep talking like that because properties are selling like crazy here.  In any market, knowing your customer and the dynamics of your market is crucial to your success.

There are several categories of buyers looking at property in SW Florida right now.  I will explore others in future blogs but today, I want to talk about Baby Boomers.  Again, in case your present home is a cave, the term Baby Boomers refers to the approximatemy 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 (according to US Census Bureau).  This large group is probably the last generation to believe Florida is where you go when you retire.

Baby Boomers are taking advantage of the recent foreclosure crisis by looking strongly at the properties with deflated prices in SW Florida.  Homes that were selling for $250,000 during the Real Estate Boom are now available for $110,000.  Properties once appraised for over $1 million are now on the market for $450,000.  The average price of 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom homes in parts of SW Florida is under $90,000.

Baby Boomers are looking forward to simplifying their retirement lives.  They are down-sizing from large homes in the Northeast and Central US to smaller, low maintenance homes in sunny climates.  It doesn’t get any more relaxed or simple than a concrete block/stucco house with tile floors 15 minutes from the beach, golf courses and shopping malls.  Condos are even simpler because you usually don’t take care of your landscaping, the management company does!

Even Baby Boomers not retiring for another few years are taking advantage of the values in the SW Florida market.  Houses are being purchased to use as yearly rentals, seasonal rentals or even better, a vacation home for the Baby Boomers and their families.

I also address Baby Boomers in my Active Rain Blog:  http://activerain.com/blogs/thegotoguy.

Mike Cathell, ePro (and Baby Boomer) Realtor @ Florida Future Realty, Inc

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