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Selling houses to Baby Boomers as easy as X, Y, Z or is it? – Part 1

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We Are All the Same but Different!

Finding your niche should be as easy as A-B-C, or more importantly, X-Y-Z or maybe Baby Boomer!?!?  This doesn’t make sense to anyone unless you become aware of the big breaks in selling to different generations.  Almost everyone who doesn’t live in a cave has heard about Baby Boomers (born from 1945 through 1964).  But unless you are part of Gen X, Gen Y or now Gen Z, you probably have not thought about marketing to these groups.  Just like Toys R’ Us aims advertising at kids, Best Buy aims large screen TV to men wanting that great football game experience and Bottega Venata knows women understand the importance of luxury designer handbags, Realtors should understand how to market to generations.

The largest group is the well-known Baby Boomers.  A group getting ready for retirement.  Boomers understand about saving for their dream retirement.  Many are looking to Florida for a fixer upper.  They are economical shoppers that look for deals and are aware of the economic changes that has produced value in the housing market.  Boomers are looking to downsize from the large homes where they raised their family. A simpler, fun lifestyle is what they want for retirement.  Why fixer-uppers?  One, they have time to fix it for a vacation home since they still have a few years before retiring.  Secondly, since many were born or have gone through tough economic times, they are do-it-yourselfers.

Generation X sounds ominous but these late Boomers were born into a very volatile time in our history (born from 1965 through 1977). This is by far the smallest generation which makes its members feel ignored by society.  X’ers were the first to experience broken families, AIDs, and recession.  They were not into re-cycling and they won’t sell out to “Corporate America”.  They are individualistic.  And of importance to us as we type away, they were the first bloggers!

Generation Y  are Baby Boomer “Babies”, or for those that don’t get that, the children of the Boomers (born from 1978 through 1996).   This generation was spoiled by parents and catered to by “Corporate America”.  The group is very optimistic and team oriented.  If you follow this anyone in this group in social medias, you know they are individualistic but want to be just like their friends.  They are very specific in their wants and extremely specific of when and how they want it.  Only products with multiple functions and added value interest this happy group.  Why?  This is the first real “computer” generation.

Generation Z is the up and coming generation (born from 1996 through the present).  This is the “Realist” generation having grown up with terrorism, global warming, animal extinction and dwindling resources.  More than half of pre-teens or “tweeners” consider the environment the most important issue they need to face and cure.  Through their Moms’ efforts, this group has become more than smart and talented.  They are gifted,  multi-talented and creative.  They connect through event marketing and “word of mouse”.  They believe in one-to-one connections using viral marketing, data transfers, digital media and online social media.

Knowing how to market to these diverse groups can make or break your business.  Part 2 of this blog will discuss the ways to reach these very different groups.  To make your business successful, you need to pick your generational niche as well as your product niche to make things happen.

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